Tuesday, 15 April 2008

365:030 Specs

365:030 Specs, originally uploaded by planetmithi.

"Have you lost yours?"

There is this house (or I THINK it's a house ... might be an ex-shop) down the road from us. It doesn't look like the houses either side, and looks almost abandoned - but not. It has a large bay window with a collection of little cactus like plants - they're still alive; which is what makes me think that the house isn't quite abandoned yet ... but then again, cacti can live without watering for a while ... hmmmmm.

The window, and clear glass door next to it is covered by these funky retro orange curtains; and in the door hangs this pair of spectacles, with the message "if these spectacles are yours, please knock + ask for them or ring 9663453".

Thing is, this thing has been there at least since we moved into the neighbourhood more than half a year ago ... we walk past it all the time and I'm SO tempted to call the number to find out if isn't an obscure fine art installation!

Curious ...