Thursday, 3 April 2008

365:018 Manton

365:018 Manton, originally uploaded by planetmithi.

My family live on the other side of the world, but whenever Dad has some business to do anywhere in Europe, he makes a special effort to come and visit me in the UK. He did this last summer after a conference in Barcelona. He had texted me from Spain to ask if I wanted anything, but I didn't get the message till it was too late.

When I met up with him later in London, I lamented, "oh there's only one thing Spanish I really would love to have and always regretted not buying when I went to Barcelona many years ago... one of those embroidered shawl things...". He looked at me for a second and went, "What, one of these?", and whipped out a beautiful one, and in my colours!

"I got it for your Mum, but you can have it - just don't tell her ..." ;) I didn't have to tell her as Dad blurted it out himself ... hahaha ... fortunately Mum was fine for me to have it. Now it hangs beautifully on my art deco wardrobe door, and catches the afternoon sun through the window.

Note: I think the Spanish call them 'Manton'