Sunday, 6 July 2008

365:112 Chores

365:112 Chores, originally uploaded by planetmithi.

Sunshine told me a story (from this film/mini series) which involves a lady who, when her husband dies, finds the household jobs too overwhelming, so writes them all down on bits of paper and puts them in a jar. So, she can pick one piece at random at a time and just concentrate on doing that! (Mr postman then helps her do the jobs).

What a lovely idea - so here you have it, our "super jam jar of pink chores", filled with things like 're-organise the space under the stairs', 'sort out the hanging of at least two frames on the walls', and 'deal with the living room curtains' :)

We're both very excited by this - I might actually make a jam jar of yellow treats filled with things like 'have some ice cream' which we are allowed to pick if we manage to get any of the pink ones done ...